PRX250 Gas Main Inspection Camera System / Pipeline inspection camera system easily locates water infiltration, leaks and features in your live gas pipelines


Product Overview

ULC Robotics’ new 3rd generation PRX250 Gas Camera system is a unique internal inspection device designed for visual assessment of live gas mains through conventional small pits or low-cost keyholes. The system is suitable for internal inspection of 2 to 12 inch cast iron, steel and PE mains at pressures up to 60 psi. The 3rd generation PRX250 incorporates new features which allow you to capture better images than ever before and that make inspecting your live gas mains even more cost effective and reliable.

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Product Features

Hassle Free Inspections of Your Live Mains

Performing live gas main inspection with the PRX250 inspection camera system keep your infrastructure maintenance costs down by eliminating the need to take your mains out of service.

Superior Image Quality

The PRX250 system includes a rugged, high resolution camera with ultra bright LED lighting designed to operate in very low- light conditions. The high resolution camera provides outstanding imaging, sharpness and color reproduction.

Launch Through Pits or Low-Cost Keyholes

The camera head launches no-blow into your mains through a 1.5″ tap hole using an angled launch tube for pits or a vertical launch tube for keyholes.

Easily Locate Features and Damage

Locate features such as branches, cross tees, service lines, stub services and valves as well as pipeline damage such as cracks, debris and leaks.

Reduce Project Costs

Our camera system can access up to 500′ of pipeline from just one access point, which keeps excavation, permit and engineering costs at a minimum while allowing for a remarkably small site footprint.

Waterproof Design For Leak Investigation

The water-tight design allows the camera to navigate pipelines and provide high resolution imagery even when fully submerged under water.

Valuable Pipeline Data at Your Fingertips

With the PRX250 Camera Inspection System gas utilities get the visual data as well as distance data to properly prioritize maintenance tasks and ensure pipelines don’t pose any dangers.

Safe, One-Man Operation

A motorized power feeder allows the operator to direct the movement of the camera by utilizing forward and reverse, variable speed control to enable a single operator to perform the pipeline inspection.


live gas main camera
live gas main camera 
live gas main camera 
live gas main camera 


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