Full Range of Research and Development Capabilities

ULC Research and Development offers a wide range of capabilities that enables us to constantly deliver innovative solutions for applications that range from camera systems for energy system maintenance to robotic repair systems to process redesigns.

While we are most well-known for defining the future of gas utility maintenance tools, our capabilities extend beyond just natural gas. The research and development team at ULC has worked with other sectors of the energy industry including nuclear and electrical. We have also developed products outside of the energy industry.

Recent Research and Development Projects

Process Improvement Research Development
No-Dig Anode Installation

Anode installation on steel mains and services typically required utility companies

Live Gas Inspection Crawler
Variable Geometry Crawler (VGC)

Four of the country’s largest utility companies asked ULC Robotics to

Cased Pipeline Inspection Robot
Micro-Magnetic Cased Pipeline Inspection Robot

Reacting to new federally mandated pipeline integrity rules, a consortium of

Cast Iron Joint Sealing Robot
Robotic Cast Iron Joint Sealing (CISBOT)

Working for two of the country’s largest Utility Companies, ULC Robotics